2019 Website Trends – UI/UX


2019 brings with it many new updates to browsers and programming languages. It also opens up the opportunity to look at new trends and ways to make your site stand out.

We have compiled a quick list of items that you should keep in mind when you are redesigning and developing your mobile and desktop site.

Today we look at…

Rethink UI/UX
Its time to get rid of the templates and following others and start your own UI/UX trend. If a system or design will work for one company, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will for yours.

We have been using other sites findings to apply to our own for a long time. In theory its a good idea, they have tested it and it works. However your clients, readers and customers may be different than your competition or another similar site. So its time to try something different, something that makes them say “This site rocks” This software is unique and easy to use”. Find out whats unique about you, your product, your story or clients and really rething.

Things that are related:

– Intrinsic web design – The intrinsic properties of the content kind of determine how it flows and how it is fluid and how it lays itself out in the web and I think that’s a really interesting thing and we were here to kind of kick off that concept,

– Progressive Web Apps -PWAs – complete adaptability to different types of smart devices, native user experience and autonomy where the applications are updated independently.

Some links of interest – Designer Advocate at Mozilla.
– Jen’s video on design –
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